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Leif Gilbertson


I direct and manage creative organisations and people and consult on creative projects.

I've mixed a Philharmonic for the Queen, and had millions hear my work with the 2010 Olympics. I’ve spent my career championing (and directing) creative projects and people. I’ve championed orphans living in absolute destitution by building them places to live, and investing in businesses to support their care. I’ve helped singer songwriters live their dream of putting out an album. I’ve helped producers realise their goals to have thousands of musicians and performers coordinate together; synced live to international broadcasts. I’ve helped teams of artists, designers, and artistic directors put together and market an international dance festival while quadrupling their ticket sales.

I fell in love with photography in 2008. I bought a little Olympus point-and-shoot waterproof camera that I began to take around the world. I knew nothing about it all, other than I liked making a picture. In 2010 I received a hand-me-down Canon 350D, and the occasional use of a 100mm macro lens, and really began to explore. My first fascination was with small things, landscapes, and animals. I still love travel photography and am ready, passport in hand, to take people to see and photograph elephants in South Africa or fish in the ocean while scuba diving.

Now we've taken to being astounded by human creatures. There's so much beauty, danger, emotion, joy and more in all of us.

Julia Gilbertson